How to Spot the Best Louvre System for Your Lovely Home

Two workers holding a louvre windowA louvre allows the free flow and passage of air to your home, but still managing to keep out unwanted elements such as dirt and insects. This is something that homeowners will appreciate. However, choosing the right system can be challenging.

Owners should consider a couple of aspects when selecting an appropriate system, which includes the free area, airflow resistance and water penetration.

Free area

This is a crucial factor to consider when identifying the right match for your louvre system. You calculate this space by taking the total open area that the louvre occupies without the blades and dividing it by the whole wall space. The aim is to compare the open or louvered area against the blocked area.

Usually, most louvred free spaces are within a 35 percent to 60 percent range of the wall opening, which means that 40 percent to 65 percent of the wall remains obstructed. It is more beneficial when the open area is high in percentage, as this translates to lower wall opening cost.

Water performance

Water penetration is the point where a louvre system allows water penetration through the louvers. This refers to the threshold of air intake speed at which point the louvre begins to leak.

To test this, you use a typical testing technique, where you allow measured water steam into the air stream getting through the louvers is used. You increase the speed of airflow up to the point where water penetrates the louvers’. The point is to get the speed at which air enters through.

Usually, it is a comparison between a poor resistor and good resistor 300fpm to 1250fpm.

Lower resistance to airflow

Louvers have many obstructions that cause air resistance. Each louvre creates resistance based on the shape of frames and blades. The aim is to find an accepted resistance. A very high resistance will hinder the efficiency of other air moving equipment such as fans.

Having the right louvers not only makes your house appear beautiful but also comfortable as far as functionality is concerned. It is a great investment, so choose wisely.