How to Encourage and Increase Website Interaction

website interactionWas there a time when you were frustrated with a website not because of its design or content, but because there was no comment section? As a result, you couldn’t leave a message on how awesome the website is.

There are web pages that do not need a comment box, such as static pages containing product images and description, company profile, and the about us page. The more dynamic pages, however, need a comment section to engage readers in meaningful discussions. A separate dedicated section for requesting price quotations and reaching the company for other matters is also necessary.

Maximising website content

If you post supplemental content on a regular basis, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get in touch with potential customers on a personal level? Rather than using content for web optimisation purposes only, why not maximise it by encouraging readers to share their thoughts, similar experiences, and requests like what they want to see on your website.

As such, it’s important that you treat your content as an opportunity to start a conversation or discussion with your visitors. Engaging content and possibilities for interaction should be part of your website design. Perth has lots of experienced professionals that can advise on best practices for websites.

Here are other ways to make a website more open for interaction:

  • Initiating social activities, such as raffles, voting and games. Gamification is an emerging technique for engaging online users quickly and easily.
  • Having product reviews and ratings based on user experience. Two successful sites using this approach are Amazon and Trip Advisor.
  • Integrating the website with various social networks.
  • Adding widgets for easier and faster navigation throughout the website.
  • Creating a sense of community. Providing a space for registered users on your website can be a good way to grow your community.

Encouraging website visitors to contribute and participate is a challenge that you can overcome by providing access to interaction. Creating a sense of community will make them feel valued and is a great way of developing visitor loyalty.