How Snail Mail Improves Veterinary Customer Relations

two veterinariansNot everyone gets snail mail nowadays. Most businesses get in touch with their customers through email. This is fine in most cases. Email is faster and easier. However, in some cases, email does not cut it. Snail mail is better for customer relations for small businesses.

This is especially true for veterinarians. You care for their animals, so your customers need the personal touch. Personalized veterinary address labels make it even better.

They can hold it

The big difference between email and snail mail is the physical element. Your customer cannot touch email. They can print it out, but few do. Many people also do not bother to open many of their emails at once, or even at all. On the other hand, your customer has to hold snail mail from you. That establishes contact immediately. Most are also more likely to open it immediately to see what is in it. If you had that kind of open rate for your email, you would be a marketing genius.

They feel more important

Sending out snail mail takes much more effort than email. It takes even more effort to send a handwritten one. Making an effort can pay big dividends, though. Your customer will feel more important because they know you went to the trouble to send them one. They are more likely to take the desired action, i.e. visit the clinic, than if you merely sent an email.

They remember you better

Your email can easily get lost in the inbox. It might even end up in the spam or trash folder by mistake. This will not happen to snail mail. In fact, customers are more likely to keep snail mail. This can keep you top of mind if you stick on an attractive address label.

Snail mail is a great marketing tool for small businesses. It can help them form a personal connection with their customers. Veterinary address labels can also improve customer retention. Overall, snail mail trumps email in small but significant ways.