How Much Do You Know about Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blindBlinds are a common household item not only in Perth, but also in many Australian homes. They are indispensable additions to windows, blocking heat and light and improving your home’s design.

People love Venetian blinds because they are durable, easy to operate and economical. There are also different colours available, giving you the freedom to choose the style that suits your interiors. Know more about them below:

1. Where do blinds come from?

Though popularly called Venetian blinds, Perth residents will be surprised to know that they did not actually originate from Venice. They came from Persia, way back three centuries ago.

The French called them Persian blinds. During the middle ages, Venetian traders brought them to Europe, which earned them their name.

2. When did Australians start using them?

Australians started using them in the 1930s as a window shield, protecting the house interiors from heat. During the 1950s, they were even used in cars, protecting back seat passengers from the glare.

3. What types of blinds are available?

You have a lot of options for modern blinds when it comes to the type of material used. There are vinyl, PVC, aluminium, wood and insulating blinds.
Vinyl and PVC blinds are less costly. Aluminium blinds are good light blockers, though they are not energy efficient.

Wood blinds are energy efficient, but they are the most expensive. They work best for dens, but they are not the best option for kitchens or baths because moisture may damage them.

Insulating or cellular blinds are the most energy efficient option; they keep heat in during winter and out during the summer. They trap air within their cells and act as a double glazed window.

There are also two types of blinds depending on the orientation: the horizontal and the vertical blinds.

When choosing Venetian blinds, consider your personal taste, your space and what will work best for your budget.