How Choosing the Right Website Type Helps a Small Business

In these digital times, online presence is not just a luxurious option anymore. You need to have a good website with the right set of features to make it big in today’s commerce. But many small business owners struggle to find the right type of website. Without a good handle on the different options, you are missing out on a rich online market.

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Experts of small business web design in the UK have different strategies for setting up a good site. The important thing is that these are geared to your business and preferences. This means depending on the nature of your operations, one website type might be more ideal to you than the others.

Here are some of website types you can choose:


An e-commerce type website caters to businesses that sell products or merchandise online. It is like the virtual counterpart of brick-and-mortar stores except you do not have to be always there to attend to your clients. This is because e-commerce sites are designed to be straightforward in terms of transactions. Visitors simply have to choose what they want to buy then pay for it through electronic means. Just look at how Amazon has successfully established a business empire using this platform.

Content Management System

Some businesses want to focus only on providing quality content. Be it an informational magazine feature or product overview video clip, a website with a good content management system can do a lot in making this happen. It also a good option to establish a responsive audience and reach out to new markets. For instance, you can publish regular blog posts to keep your clients updated, or share relevant clips from your site to your social media streams.

Business Card

Business card or brochure-style business websites are like its print version. They showcase the brand and its products and services. Online users can easily find more information about the business and its operations. Plus, potential customers may contact the company through the site’s contact page and location map.

Online Forum

Online forum websites are ideal for those with an established customer base already. Moderators are tasked to answer relevant questions about the brand’s services or products and handle any customer issues. This is a great way to build strong relations with your clients and keep communication lines with them open.

It is easy to find a good small business website design service provider, but it is hard to come upon one that is willing to setup a page according to your preferences. Keep these website types in mind as you consult a web design company.