House Republicans Revive Battle Against Women’s Rights

As the U.S. Senate considers a proposal to extend unemployment insurance, Republicans in the House of Representatives are thinking of making 2014 another landmark year for anti-abortion laws.

House Republicans2014: Year of the woman

A panel of 12 men will conduct a meeting on a bill that would deny tax subsidies to women and small business owners who purchase health insurance plans that covers abortion.

The bill, however, makes an exception for rape and incest cases and women who would die without having an abortion.

Pro-life movement

The Republican National Committee, on the other hand, has announced its plans to delay its annual winter conference so that members can participate in the yearly anti-abortion rally, “March for Life,” in Washington.

Before Obamacare went effective, over 80% private insurance plans cover abortion as if it were any other medical procedure. But banning the insurance of abortion has recently become popular among state legislatures.

“(W)e have Congress and politicians reaching into the private sector to try and get rid of abortion using this approach,” said Assoc. Prof. Susan Wood of George Washington University.