Hold it All Together with The Different Types of Clamps

When you need to glue, screw or cut one or more work pieces, securing them in place can be challenging. This is where you to use clamp devices. Clamps are mechanical tools with movable jaws that secure an object to a bench or hold two objects together. There are different types of clamps and their size, shape, and purpose differ significantly.


Commonly used for woodworking, aC-clamp is used by turning the screw through the bottom of the frame until the required pressure or release is achieved. When the clamp is being tightened, you can secure the objects between the flat ends of both the screw and the frame. If you are loosening the clamp, enough force is released to allow the movement of the secured objects.

One-Handed Bar Clamps

Hobbyists and professionals prefer one-handed bar clamps. Available from hand tool suppliers like Destaco Distributors, this type of clamp is so easy to use you can tighten and release it using one hand. One-handed bar clamps are composed of one sliding jaw with a trigger-grip handle and one fixed jaw. When the user squeezes the handle, the sliding jaw will move along the steel bar toward the fixed jaw. When you press the release lever, you will unlock the pressure.

Handscrew Clamps

Handscrew clamps are traditionally used for woodworking. It comes with solid maple jaws and dual threaded-rod handles that allow the user to apply great pressure. You can adjust the jaws to clamp work pieces that are tapered, slanted and offset, something you cannot do with other types of clamp.

Pipe-Clamp Fixtures

You can use this type of clamp to exert tremendous pressure or to secure very large objects. Pipe clamps have two fixtures that you can attach to a threaded pipe. This provides you with more flexibility in terms of the size of projects you can handle.

No single clamp can handle all of clamping duties. Fortunately, there are different clamps that you can use for various purposes. You may want to check out reliable suppliers such as Destaco Distributors for your clamping needs. Depending on your project, Destaco Distributors is sure to have the right clamp for you.