Here’s How to Encourage Physical Activity in School Kids

kids playing football at schoolGetting kids to exercise these days is becoming harder and harder, as they prefer to play on their mobile phones. Here are some tips though that should help you promote physical activity at school.

Invest in outdoor covering

Outdoor canopies for schools are often better than the gym because they allow fresh air to circulate and be appreciated by your students. By allowing them to play outdoors with the help of Kensington Systems Ltd and other manufacturers, they can learn to appreciate the fresh air and green grass. Remember, you are trying to instil in them a love of the outdoors in the long-term and not just physical activity per se.

Keep it age-friendly

Make a point of introducing games that fit the age group you are trying to teach. It makes sense to introduce basics of sports but not to a point when it becomes stressful rather than fun. Some of the best activities that kids will love include soccer, dodge ball, biking, and swimming. If the kids are a bit older, you can choose to be more creative with games like rock climbing.

Time it properly

Do not let playtime be during the very hot hours of the day. Otherwise, the children will just hate it. Choose a time like in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is no longer harsh on the skin, and the wind feels good on their hair.

Schedule weather-friendly activities

Even a snowball fight can be a livening activity that allows kids to burn up some of their energy while having fun. Try opting for activities that will allow them to have fun in the specific weather. Water balloon fights, snowball fights, and piling up leaves are some of the things that will motivate children to move around with very little encouragement.

Of course, those are just some ways physical education can be improved for school kids. Make a point of figuring out their health before having them embark on workouts.