Here are Things You Will Never Regret Joining SAF Volunteer Corps

Volunteer CorpsThinking about entering the SAF Volunteer Corps? One of the most rewarding positions in Singapore today is an SAFVC rank. Many professionals are choosing to become part of the Volunteer Corps as it helps them develop both professionally and personally.

Here’s what you can look forward to when joining SAF Volunteer Corps:

Proficiency Training

All volunteers will undergo proficiency training to make them more effective in their respective positions. The goal is to enjoy a continued progress in your capabilities to benefit the SAF VC. The organisation has the capacity to provide you with an excellent training ground for personal development.

Make Up Pay

SAF VC takes care of its many volunteers – which is why they have the Make Up Pay system. SAF Volunteers will get a monthly allowance while training in the camp. In case you typically earn more than the monthly allowance, the Make Up Pay will shoulder the difference.

Furthermore, employers are required to give volunteers a leave of absence if they sign up for SAF. Hence, you are not really leaving the security of your job. After the training, you can come back and resume your way of life after making a difference in Singapore.


There’s nothing like actual SAF VC experience to open your eyes to the reality of joining the corps. Although there may be some apprehension, your time in SAF will help you gain knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. This will put you in contact with different people who share the same goals and ideas as you do. More importantly, it gives you a better perspective on the rest of the world, allowing you to have a better understanding of society as a whole.

Goodness of the Cause

Of course, don’t forget the fact that SAF VC is for a good cause. Being part of this group will give you a sense of purpose unlike any other job on the planet.

These are only some of the benefits you can gain when you decide to enlist in the SAF VC.