Google Hummingbird: Helping Your Local SEO Strategy Fly

google hummingbirdAfter Google released the Hummingbird update, many search marketers were concerned about their local SEO strategies. Some said the Hummingbird killed local search engine optimization.

The truth is, the new search algorithm made local SEO and content online marketing even more important for businesses. Here’s how you can improve your local SEO campaign to rank better with Hummingbird:

Enlist Your Business in Google Places and Create a Google+ Page

Google aims to provide more targeted results for its users, as many users rely on the Internet to look for offices and establishments. To get better rankings, think about enlisting your business in Google Places and creating a Google+ page. Having a verified account lets Google know your online information is up to date. This can help you get better rankings when someone searches for a service or product related to your business.

Let’s say you’re a company offering local SEO in Beverly Hills, California with a verified Google+ page. When someone searches for an SEO firm in Beverly Hills, you may appear on the Google Carousel, with your complete information. The carousel is one of the new features of Google, which lists related businesses horizontally on top of the search results page. This gives your brand a higher chance of appearing on the first page, even when you don’t appear in the first ten results.

Be Mobile Ready

About 40% of searches come from mobile devices. This is why Hummingbird focuses on mobile search. To cater to mobile users, you may use a responsive design or build a mobile version of your website. Google recommends using a responsive design. You may also create applications to make connecting with you easier for your customers.

Offer Fresh and Useful Content

Content marketing is an essential part of local SEO. Google can now better distinguish low quality from high-quality content. To create high quality content, think about helping your target market find solutions to their needs. The more useful information you offer to your market, the better rankings you may get on search results. Furthermore, some experts say adding a geographically targeted page on your website helps improve your local SEO campaign.

Google Hummingbird aims to improve the online marketing industry by offering better search results to its users. With a good strategy, you will soon notice an increase in visitors and in conversion rates.