Going Beyond the Standards: Creative Ideas for Your Office Partitions

office partitionsOffice partitions often come in simple designs. While these can give your space a professional vibe, there are times when a splash of colour can do your office space some good. Creative individuals have taken this age-old marker of privacy and converted it into something almost unrecognisable.

To provide design inspirations for businesses, The Caretakers shares some of these unique office partition ideas:

1. Aquarium Divider

A Colorado-based company commissioned a unique design for offices. They designed cubicles with partitions that function as glass aquariums. The aquariums created a fresh new look for the office, breaking the monotony of work.

2. Inflatable Divider

These dividers look like oversized bubble wraps on castors. The best thing about these partitions is you can easily slide around the wraps. You can even customise the wraps in different ways to match your office décor.

3. Recycled Bottles Divider

First seen in an office in New Jersey, these dividers were designed as a statement to be eco-friendly. Many companies have adapted the design later on, as it provided a practical and cost-effective office partitioning solution.

4. Office Supplies Divider

How about having a giant measuring tape that separates your space from others? Originally intended as a quirky piece of art, these oversized office supplies provide interesting backdrops for office spaces.

5. Breathing Divider

These plastic partitions have a space across the top for small plants. These dividers also come with automatic watering systems, making them essentially maintenance-free.

6. Cityscape Dividers

If your company cannot dispose of its current “cube farm” look, this divider style is the one for you. These colourful add-ons make standard walls appear more colourful, while giving them interesting shapes that are reminiscent of tall buildings lining the skyline.

These designs are just proof that partitions can be more colourful than they are. A bit of creativity can spark a big change in your workplace.