Go with the Flow: Creating a Home that Flows

living roomWalking into a model house or flipping through the pages of a home decorating magazine, you’ve likely been blown away by the beautiful photos of perfectly decorated interiors. You and the other people who saw those interior designs admire how the room flows.

Room flow is one of those things that can make or break your home. When you have a different theme in each room, everything just seems out of place. Probably one of the biggest mistakes many homeowners in California and elsewhere make is that they decorate each room separately, without focusing on the bigger picture and how everything pulls together. To get the most out of your modern LA furniture and interior home decorations, here are a few simple tips to help make your room flow.

Determine the Space’s Use and Function

Your plan for a specific room is usually what defines its purpose. Use the space and the feeling you want to have in the room’s design. In the living room, for example, you’ll want a relaxing but entertaining space. In your bedroom, meanwhile, you’ll want a place for inspiration. In decorating any other area, determine if you want it to be a place for conversation, relaxation, or inspiration.

Define Focal Points

When incorporating the pieces you bought at your local furniture store in Los Angeles, consider first the space from at least two perspectives: one from the inside of the room and another from the outside, looking in. This is where you get to see how your living room connects to your kitchen or to the stairs leading to the main bedroom. Here, you’ll want to feature an interesting architectural detail that stands out: a modern TV area, or a beautiful view through the window. From then, you can arrange the furniture to highlight the area.

Go Easy on the Colors

There are no rules when it comes to the colors you can have in your room or house, but if you do it the wrong way, it can lead to disaster. Choosing colors for a room is a science, as it can affect your mood. Choose your colors wisely. From the wall paint to the floor, and all the way down to the furniture, everything has to have coordination. You should be able to move from one room to another without noticing any distinct changes, apart from the furniture pieces and the decors. If there’s one thing that can make a huge impact on the flow of your home, it’s the color.

Creating a sense of continuity and harmony throughout your home makes for a space that you can actually live in—one that gives you comfort not just physically, but also psychologically.