Go 360-Degree: Preparing Your Business for Integrated Marketing Campaign

integrated marketing planWhen it comes to marketing and advertising, there are different strategies and media to choose from. Each medium offers a unique way of reaching an audience. If you subscribe to just one medium, you run the risk of breaking the continuity of your marketing message. You have to make sure that your message is visible across the board.

If you are aiming for a 360-degree approach, now is the time to go for an integrated marketing strategy. This will help cover your blind spots. If you are just starting to learn the ropes of this methodology, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Consistency is king

In integrated marketing, you can choose your media mix — depending on your campaign requirements. Once you have picked your media, craft the creatives of the campaign. You have to make sure that the message will be consistent across the media; otherwise, the audience will be confused.

Do not leave digital

When it comes to media, many take digital real estate for granted. In fact, this is where you can get leads and conversions. Other than banking on social media posts, you might want to create something that will help tracking much easier. You can go for banner ads, sure, but make sure that they have accompanying executions, such as a website. Coforge Marketing reminds not to forget using SEO from CT and relevant methods.

Track the progress

With the campaign running via different media, tracking its progress may be deemed complicated. Do not worry, as analytics will help you out. When it comes to other media, you can seek the help of your partner media agency. Use the data to create more interesting insights, which you can use on your next marketing campaign.

Going for an integrated marketing campaign can be one of the best approaches for your brand. For it to work, you must find the right partners and suppliers.