Game Studio Cancels Crowdfunded Minecraft-inspired Film

minecraftThe studio behind hit game Minecraft, Mojang, has made a move to stop the production of a film set in the block-built world of the game.

The production team behind the game-inspired film “Birth of a Man” began their journey with an appeal on crowdfunding site Kickstarter requesting for $600,000 to fund its creation. Its release was planned in the latter part of 2014 via YouTube. A teaser was posted on the Kickstarter page showing a concept footage of combining live action with elements from the Minecraft.

The creator, however, cancelled it less than a day after the petition’s launch.

Not ‘without any deals in place’

Mojang founder Markuss Persson tweeted his explanation on the company’s move to shut down the film.

“We don’t allow [big Kickstarter projects] based on our [intellectual property] without any deals in place,” wrote the founder also known as Notch in his tweet.

Many see it as a licensing issue, as the crowdfunding campaign initiators did not have any licensing agreements with Mojang.

No talks yet

Short film director Brandon Laatsch, the mind behind the full-length film idea, has not yet commented on the cancellation of the project, whether it would be revived after a negotiation with Mojang or if it will no longer push through.