From Lighting to Medicine: The Diverse Uses of LED Lights

led lampsLight bulbs have gone a long way. Today, LED lights are now more preferred for use in homes and different industries. LED can be manufactured into different shapes, sizes, and forms to fit its use.

For example, there are multi-color LEDs used during festivities like Christmas. Other industries prefer to use clear LED for their truck lights. No matter how these LED lights function, some are used more often than others to emit more light and to save more energy.

1. LED light strips

Handy led strips have been used in kitchen cabinets. As these are lightweight and waterproof, they’re even used to glam up children’s rubber shoes. After all, they’re simply taped to any desired area. Also, they’re easily replaceable if needed.

2. LED lamps

LED lamps in agriculture have been in use for years now. This is because some studies revealed that plants under LED lamps are better. For example, when plants are under a specific percentage of blue light, basil plants are said to be spicier. LED lamps are also being used at home to brighten rooms and lower energy bills.

3. Electronics

LEDs are used in electronics, such as remote-control, DVD players, and MP3 players. In fact, you can see it used in digital clocks as well. Diverse applications of LED may also be seen in traffic signals, holiday lights, and even wallpapers.

4. Medicine

LED lights are said to increase circulation in areas suffering chronic pain. Results of exposure to LED lights are said to provide rapid relief in as little as 20 minutes. LED is also said to contribute to tissue repair and regeneration due to the release of nitric oxide, a compound responsible for improving circulation.

LED lights may have different uses. Perhaps, the important thing is how LED lights or lights, in general, are studied for far more advanced purposes.