From a Barbecue Novice to an Expert Griller

choosing barbecue grillCooking a perfectly juicy cut of meat may seem like a job best left to the experts. With the right tools, techniques, and tips, however, you too can serve a meat so tender it falls apart. Here are a few tips that can turn you from a barbecue novice into an expert griller.

Cooking Equipment and Tools

Unlike other sumptuous dishes, you don’t need a lot of tools or appliances to grill the perfect steak or burger. To satisfy a few people, you need a portable charcoal barbecue grill. If you want to serve larger cuts, a large covered grill is advisable.

Apart from the grill, you also need to have a few tools to start the grilling process. Keep a pair of tongs and basting brushes to get the foods on the grill rack. Having meat thermometers is also advisable to judge the meat or poultry for level of heat and readiness.

Fire and Heat

To start the cooking process, get wood or charcoal to light your barbecue grill. You can also use a pile of small sticks or scrunched up balls of dry newspaper. Then, pile the charcoal in the barbecue and light it with a match. The coals will catch the fire and burn with a flame for about thirty minutes. When the flames have subsided and the coals are turning white and glowing red, they are ready for cooking. Spread the coals across the barbeque and pile a high and low on each side to give you different temperature levels.

Marinades and Rubs

To add extra flavour and excitement to your meat, use a simple marinade or spice rub. Marinades contain oil and acid like lemon juice or vinegar. Spice rubs, on the other hand, are dry seasoning made up of spices and other herbs. By soaking your meat in a marinade mixture, it will moisten the surface of meat and prevent it from drying out over the hot coals. You can also try different combinations of spices and seasonings and rub them on your meat.

Grilling Tips

In the process of grilling, the fat drips from the meat may hit the coal and flare up into flames. This will burn your food and affect its taste so try to move the food away when the flames appear. When you’re cooking vegetables, on the other hand, have a section on the grill specifically for them. In barbecuing fruit, clean the grill thoroughly before starting. This is to prevent the fruit from tasting like meat.

Cooking a succulent cut of meat also requires patience and determination. Following the right procedures and using the right tools are important parts of the grilling process. Consulting barbecue recipes is also helpful to bring more exciting flavours to your dishes.