Five C’s Every Good Branding Strategy Should Have

brandingYour brand strategy refers to the specifics on how you plan to market yourself among a hundred other competitors and make sure that consumers pick up your product above anything else. It’s your game plan on communicating whatever you offer. This is an essential part of any business, which is why many consult branding companies in Canberra and other parts of the country.

The principle behind every brand strategy, however, is one and the same. There are five key factors your game plan should have.


A brand strategy is effective only if it truly reflects your business model. This isn’t about your logo or your company name; it’s all about what you offer. Define your market position – the unique selling point you have– and make it the centre of your game plan.


Make sure your strategy applies to all aspects of the business. It’s important that when you replace the logo displayed outside your office, the pictures on your website and your social media change as well.

Reinforce the message of your branding strategy and unify the feelings you want to evoke among customers and employees. Implement the plan across the board so that your consumers know what makes you stand out and how you live up to it.


Any marketing campaign would fall flat if it doesn’t appeal to emotions. A branding strategy should have a defined approach as to which feelings you want to trigger from the audience. It can be a feeling of nostalgia, bliss, or anything that you want your audience to feel when they hear your brand name.


Every strategy deserves an assessment and evaluation procedure. When you tweak your game plan, make sure that every aspect of it works. From the start of the campaign, use marketing analytics for every effort. Once the cycle ends, review which parts of it worked and which parts didn’t. This also includes occasionally monitoring what your competitors do to keep you ahead of the game. Be sure that the results of your campaign align with the initial goals you set.


Cultivation is a two-way process: for your strategy and for your audience.

You’d have to adjust your strategy occasionally to ensure its effectiveness towards your directed audience. Once you have noticed the effects of it, though, you’d have to maintain an engaged, loyal customer base through activities like reward programs.

To market your program to an audience successfully, you need a game plan. As long as you keep these five C’s in mind when you strategise, you’d have an easier time finding your stride and ensuring business growth.