Filipino and Asian Cuisine as the Next Food Trends for 2015

filipino cuisineFood trends in 2015 will be marked by sophisticated tastes that draw inspiration from ancient flavors and cooking methods that are good for you. For the legitimate food lovers, this can only mean great things for your palate.

Emerging cuisines and food trends will give you a taste of flavors from different corners of the world. This is something to look forward to if you are among those tired of the traditional pasta, tacos, and burgers. Culinary adventures will be aided by travel, technology, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Millennials.

This exploration of different cooking style and flavors will lead to deeper exploration of ethnic cuisine, exotic ingredients, and preparation that puts emphasis on fresh and local.

Fatty and Funky

Asian foods will once again be hogging the spotlight in the global food scene, with Filipino cuisine leading the way. Kara Nielsen, culinary director of Sterling Rice Group, said in an interview with Supermarket News that she expects “true-to-region” foods to emerge this 2015.

Nielsen said that consumers will be more interested in “fattier and funkier” tastes, such as those in Filipino cuisine.

Filipino food is more than the ingredients and interesting tastes. It’s about the essence of family gathered around the table, saying grace, and sharing meals with loved ones. explains this principle can be seen in many Filipino restaurants and households. Food serving is often in “family” or group sizes.

Disproportionately Popular

Of the numerous cuisines dominating the food scene in the United States, Filipino food proves to be one of the most popular non-American cuisine types.

In a survey conducted by the Huffington Post and Yelp, it showed that the most disproportionately popular cuisine in Alaska and Nevada is Filipino food. It came in second in California and third in Hawaii.

This just shows that diners are looking for more exciting food options other than the classic pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers.

The emergence of Filipino and Asian cuisine in general shows a big departure from the predicted trends of 2014, which included Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The good thing is that whatever lands on your plate, it’s sure to be an adventure and taste worth trying.