How to Enjoy Sentosa without Spending Too Much

SentosaSingapore is one the developed countries where a lot of people want to go for a vacation. While most of the commodities in the country may come at a high price, you can still enjoy your visit even without the extra cash. Among the places that attract many tourists is the island resort of Sentosa.

Watch the Buskers Perform

Sentosa features beaches that attract tourists from around the world. Walking along the shorelines is good, but the Buskers Sentosa – a group of entertainers that showcase individual talents and skills – make for an even more entertaining experience. They perform for free in the plaza streets of Palawan Beach.

Have Fun with the Animals

If human entertainment is not your thing, you can watch the Animal & Bird Encounters instead. This free event features well-trained animals. You can get to touch or interact with them while on the show, which can be fun if you brought along your children with you.

Visit the Historic War Museum

Singapore had its share of battles in numerous wars. To get a first-hand experience of the things you usually just get to see on history books, visit the Fort Siloso. This coastal battery is a museum of some real war artefacts. Free guide tours are on Fridays and weekends, between 12:40 p.m. to 3:40p.m.

Enjoy a Picnic down South

Rest is probably on top of your list after a long day of strolling and sight-seeing. You can head down south to the tip of Asia for a picnic. There is hanging bridge that leads you to an islet at the edge of the continent. It’s definitely for free and will only take you 10 to 15 minutes.

Cap-off the Night with Theatrics

Sentosa offers enjoyable after-dinner sights. While most people are probably heading to casinos and spend hundreds of dollars, you can opt for just a $10 performance show of the Song of the Sea. This musical show is designed by Yves Pepin, the one who orchestrated the 2008 Beijing Olympics theatrics.

Entertainment and fun are not determined by the amount of money you have with you. There are many things you can do and go in Sentosa that won’t compel you to spend. Just have the keen senses in searching for these places to make the most of your vacation trip in of the best countries in Asia.