Electrical Red Flags: Identifying Potential Fire Hazards in Your Home

A house on fireSeveral electrical fires happen in the country. Sometimes, they could be the result of having loose-fitting plugs in the home or using light bulbs with a higher-than-recommended wattage rating. This, in turn, could cause an electrical fire to erupt on your property. It is part of your responsibility as a homeowner to prevent them.

Hines Electrical & Security, a provider of electrical services, understands the threat of fire hazards and frequently reminds homeowners to conduct routine checks on all the electrical installation in their home. When you are unsure of your ability to do a thorough check, relying on an electrical services provider is always an option. Most electrical companies agree to visit the property at pre-determined intervals to conduct electrical checks.

Without the help of a contractor, what are some telltale signs that your home may be at risk of an electrical fire?

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers function to shut off your power whenever you plug too many electrical appliances into a circuit, and the system gets overloaded. When a circuit breaker trips too often, however, it is a sign that there may be a problem with your home’s electrical wiring.

Buzzing and Flickering Lights

Apart from frequent circuit breaker trips, flickering or buzzing lights are another sign of damaged wiring. Sometimes, it could happen as a result of incorrectly fitting a bulb in its socket. Similar to a circuit breaker, when the signs occur too often, it could be mean that your wiring is in need of an upgrade.

Outlet Discolouration and Odd Odours

Make it a point to pay attention to the outlet points in your home. Scorch marks on the outlets could be indicative of wiring damage that has released heat. Don’t ignore signs of outlet discolouration since it could lead to an electrical fire. On that note, watch out for burning smells. It could indicate that the fire damage has already begun.

Keep your senses alert and keep an eye out for signs of faulty electrical wiring. Being familiar with the potential fire hazards in the home can help keep everyone in the home safe and prevent a fire from occurring.