Door Hardware: The Kinds of Finish You Could Opt For

Door maintenanceThere are many choices you will make when installing doors on your property. Most homeowners focus on the material, installation and overall design of the door but forget its hardware. The hardware is however vital since it affects the overall look and functionality of your door.

Door hardware and accessories typically comprise solid brass that is then plated or polished using various methods. These finishes transform it from just another functional part of your door into a gorgeous design element. Here are some of the finish options you can pick for your door hardware.

Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless steel is a hard-wearing and extremely strong finish material, making it the best option for hardware used in commercial establishments. The standard stainless steel finish consists of chromium and a steel alloy.

It remains unaffected by corrosion, rust, and staining, but its shiny look might not fit all designs. Satin chrome and satin stainless steel finishes are perfect alternatives for those looking for a less shiny finish.

Porcelain Finish

This is the ideal option for homeowners looking for an elegant look. Porcelain is typically used on internal doors since it is delicate. There are many colour options for porcelain hardware, and one can combine it with bronze, brass, chrome and gold fittings to boost its elegance.

Nylon Finish

Nylon is a hygienic, practical and strong material. Nylon door hardware comes in various colours, is warm and comfortable to touch and retains its sharp brilliance, unlike most finish options. The material can be formed into various shapes and can hence fit different door hardware seamlessly.

There are various protective additions to the above door hardware finishes designed to enhance their durability. Property owners in highly corrosive environments, for instance, can opt for powder coating as an alternative to paint to protect their door hardware from corrosion. Discuss with your supplier the ideal protective option for your location and use.