Do You Really Need a Pool Barrier?

Pool Barrier in Melbourne While a backyard swimming pool can be a great recreation place, it also a common location where kid drowning incidents happen. A number of these incidents occur because of a faulty or a non-compliant pool fencing. Homeowners need to take note of the Australian Standards that apply to pools, spas, and Jacuzzis to promote water safety and avoid drowning.

Preventing Access to a Pool

A barrier is necessary for pools and spas that are more than 300 mm deep. The same is also true for inflatable pools with the said depth. It is important to note, however, that barriers like fences are not substitute for adult supervision of kids around water. Pool covers can offer additional security, but they don’t provide adequate protection. Fences or access gates with a locking decide will make sure that younger kids will not access the pool.

Choosing Glass over Wood

The glass is better material than wood fences when enclosing pool area. Apart from giving the home a clean and sophisticated look, this also provides better visibility, which can be helpful in supervising children in the pool. Glass pool fence shops in Melbourne also note the material has no handholds or footholds, minimising the size of openings in the construction of the barrier.

Reducing the Risk of Drowning

Apart from pool barrier and adult supervision, there are other ways to prevent drowning incidents. It is best to remove hazards like chairs and pot plants away from the pool barrier to keep kids from climbing over the fence. It is also advisable not to leave gates open or unlocked, as it will give direct access to the pool.

Other precautions include:

  • Have a safe play area for children away from pools or other bodies of water
  • Teach kids to swim and help them understand the importance water safety.
  • Take a CPR lesson or resuscitation course to be able to respond in an emergency.
  • Update skills every year and display water safety posters in the pool area.

Promote water safety by installing a standard compliant barrier. Consult reliable contractors to learn more about your options regarding pool fences. This is also helpful to make sure that you will comply with the standards in your state.