Dealing with Estate Disputes after Losing a Loved One

Losing a family can be one of the most devastating experiences you can experience in your life. Even if the person who died left a certain amount and estate, the pain of losing someone you love will keep you stressed and less motivated. You can only overcome all the negative feelings once you accept the fact and decide to move on with your life.

Some financial issues, however, will give you too much stress. These include inconsistency and validity of the will left by the deceased. Disputes on probate estates can put your familial relationships at serious risk. You should know where to find help in situations like this. Consulting a lawyer will help you deal with estate disputes. Learn how you can solve issues on the proper distribution of finances and properties left by your deceased family member.

Getting What You Deserve

You deserve to get a fair share on the estate left by your parents or grandparents. If you think the will and testament and its content are questionable, it’s best to ask for legal assistance. An experienced attorney can help you learn more about your rights and proper course of action in case of a probate or estate dispute. You can dispute a will for several reasons. These include:

  • Lack of valid execution
  • Lack  of testamentary capacity of the testator
  • Fraud, forgery, and undue influence
  • Questionable content of the will and testament

Reasons Explained

A will is invalid if it has no signature of the testator or the person he or she has directed to do so. The testator should have signed the document in the presence of at least two witnesses, whose signatures should also appear in the will. The testator should also be in a sound mind when he or she signed the will. You can also contest a will if you think and believe there is fraud, forgery, or undue influence involved. Someone might have forced the testator to sign a manipulated testament against his or her wishes.

You’re fighting not only for money, but also for the truth and your principles. Don’t be afraid to challenge a will and get the legal help you need right away. It’s easier to move forward and continue your life if you know you got what you really deserve.