Communication as Client Retention Strategy: Methods that Work

phone systemMany companies focus on improving their product roster and delivering better service quality as a method to retain and expand their customer base. One aspect these owners overlook, however, is the use of communication in enriching the customer experience.

According to figures from Marketing Metrics, it is easier to sell to existing customers (60-70% probability) than new ones (5-20% chance). Therefore, you must have a way to satisfy your current customers and persuade them to buy more from your products before thinking of expanding.

Here are methods in using communication for client retention:

Customised Content

If you have not implemented some form of a newsletter campaign with your clients, you should start now. This is a direct method to engage your clients straight from their email accounts, and you could customise your content to fit the preferences of a certain demographic. Some companies use this method to introduce tiered discounts and access to special resources non-subscribers do not acquire.

Quality Customer Service

A company that listens to its clientele would have an easier time improving their product line-up, which is why you should enrich your customer service in different ways. Maintain an open connection in your quality office phone system to respond to queries and listen to comments your customers might give. Provide forms and response methods on your website where they could weigh in on what works and otherwise in your products.

Reward Programs

Social networks are a great channel for reward programs to retain and increase your customer base. Gamification has proven to be effective the past few years, and major companies have already used this technique to generate online buzz and increase sales. Some of the options you can consider are loyalty programs, customer referral rewards, and appreciation awards. You could also hold events to gather your customer base and market it as an incentive for staying loyal to the brand.

With these programs underway, you can be sure that your clients would participate in social networks as long as you ensure the appeal of the prize you are offering.

As it is easier to maintain a healthy customer base than to expand one, consider incorporating certain strategies that would keep your clients happy. Communication is only a single aspect you could look into, but it can be an effective vehicle that generates returns.