Clean and Pristine: The Cleanest, Most Breathtaking Bodies of Water

LakeEver wondered what it would be like to swim in a clean, pure body of water? Well, when you learn about the cleanest bodies of water in the world, you’d surely be inspired to travel – and to check if your water at home is clean. 

1. Crater Lake, United States

Sometimes known as the Cleanest Body of Water in the World, the Crater Lake boasts of pristine waters made up almost entirely of rain and snow. There are no other bodies of water flowing into the area, making it untouched — giving it a majestic blue color. At home, though, it’s always important to check whether your filter underdrain is working right to be sure that you also have clean waters, explains Ashton Tucker Water Treatment

2. The Beaches of the Maldives

With 26 atolls, and sitting at the heart of the Indian Ocean, the beaches of the Maldives are surely some of the clearest, most magnificent bodies of water around. With crystal clear waters, biological diversity, and the waters experiencing bioluminescence at night, a trip to the Maldives should truly be on your bucket list.

3. Cayo Coco, Cuba

One of Central Cuba’s most beautiful islands, Cayo Coco boasts of inclusive resorts that make up the King’s Garden Islands. Aptly named after coconut birds, the island has clean, turquoise and aqua waters – a surprise since a lot of luxury hotels are just surrounding the island.

4. Lake Vostok, Antarctica

Lake Vostok is a subglacial lake that has been around for around 20 million years now. Researchers have seen that the said lake is the only giant extra-clean body of water on earth – apart from being the third deepest lake in the world. 

5. To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Located in the secluded Lotofaga Village, To Sua literally means “big hole.” The clear body of water is now one of the most beautiful swimming areas around. All you have to do is climb down the ladder, and you can enjoy the waters.

Clean, clear waters are always treats to see. They truly help you appreciate the earth more.