When Cancer Reaches the Skin

skinAs the largest part of your body, the skin is susceptible to different ailments and conditions. Pimples, yeast infections, and rashes are the most common conditions that may pester you. But, the worst that may hit you is skin cancer.

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer cited in medical journals and other sources, but only a few only understand what exactly it is. This disorder occurs when there are anomalies or mutations in the DNA components of your skin. This glitch causes the skin cells to grow beyond your body’s control. The seriousness of the disease has made organisations, such as the Singapore Cancer Society, and medical practices, such as Thomson’s Women Clinic, double their efforts in educating the people about it. Below is a list of common triggers and some ways to prevent the disease.


The majority of skin cancer cases is attributed to UV (ultraviolet) radiation exposure. UV usually comes from the sun and other man-made sources, such as solariums and tanning centres. Those who have a history of sunburn may be prone to skin cancer.

Skin cancers are genetic. If you think you have some indications of the disease, ask your parents if any member of the family has suffered from it. Also, your susceptibility to this disease increases if you have a weak immune system.


Prevention is better than cure. It’s a trite, but it’s always been useful. To lower your risk of developing skin cancer, make sure to put on sunscreen before going out. Bring an umbrella if you are going out in the heat. Wear proper clothing and stay in the shade when the outdoor heat is intense. Resist the urge of going to tanning salons. Make some adjustments on your diet to strengthen your immune system.

If you think you have symptoms of skin cancer, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist. Focus on the most exposed areas and note some skin changes.