Building Your Brand through Images that Speak and Make an Impact

Online marketers need to be smart when it comes to updating social media channels. A single post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter can make all the difference. Regardless of the platform used, remember that a lengthy post can be dragging and videos might take too much time. Your best bet is to hit viewers with a strong image because they spark interest and deliver a message more quickly.

Major players in the industry like Ogilvy & Mather and Cook + Schmid say using images properly makes it easier to get audiences hooked and encourages them to take action. Below is a brief discussion on the topic.

Interactive Contentonline marketing

So you’re already using images, but the question is this: does the content speak to your audience? With the limited space on images, make sure you put the right words and pictures together. All visual posts should speak to your audience. Catch their interest and encourage them to share by using content that speaks. Give them the option to share their insights and interact with you.

Be Mobile

Studies show that more people are surfing the web using mobile devices, and it is set to take over desktop platforms in the near future. Make sure every image uploaded and posted is visible and easy to see properly on any mobile device. Always think mobile when drafting a strategy with your team.

Strengthen Blog Posts with Images

Sometimes, you just need to publish words, but don’t forget to add interesting images to your blog posts. This will help you keep up with the image-driven and competitive market. Choose images that will make your piece stand out and will make it stay on your readers’ minds even longer.

Don’t Leave GIFs and Videos Behind

GIFs are making a comeback and short videos can intrigue your audience without making them feel bored. Why not link to a YouTube video using an image for those who are would like more of the same content? Why not create a post with funny GIFs to make sure people finish reading them? These few minutes will reinforce your brand and convey your message more clearly.

The online community is full of visual people who want to be entertained. Make sure you deliver by getting rid of boring content and making sure your images speak to your audience.