Brightest Detected Gamma-Ray Burst

gammarayScientists analyzed recently the death of a massive star that caused a cosmic explosion. They spotted the blast of radiation, called gamma-ray burst, earlier this year through space-based telescopes. They also confirmed that it’s the brightest ever seen.

Researchers believe the distant star was about 20-30 times the mass of the Sun. They say that it took the light from this event about four billion years to reach Earth.

According to Astronomer Prof Paul O’Brien, people have no way of predicting these events, as they can happen in any galaxy and at any time.

Possible Devastation

Scientists said that the explosion would have lasted for less than a minute, but it hurled radiation across the cosmos instead.

In addition, the core of the star would have collapsed into a black hole, while emitting a powerful jet of gamma-ray. The blast wave would have also caused the rest of the star to expand outwards, creating another event, called supernova.

Scientists’s Analization

The space based telescopes that spotted the massive blast from the dying star were Nasa’s Swift and Fermi.

From the images, the researchers were able to see the decaying light that remained for weeks or months after the event. Despite this, and the closer distance of the cosmic explosion to Earth than other detected gamma-ray bursts, the scientists assured that the radiation wouldn’t have posed any danger.