Bride Beauty Tips: How To Plan Your Look Before Your Wedding Day

If you’re only five to six months away from your big day, it’s time to think about your wedding day look. While you’re sending invitations and picking out dresses for the bridesmaids, spend some time to work on your beauty routine. Starting now while you’re still months away can pay off big when the time comes for you to say “I do.”

Skin Care

Start working on your skin. During the wedding, you’ll be getting your picture taken close-up. Many people will also come close to your skin as they hug and kiss you. Even with your nice complexion, you can still benefit from five to six months of stress relief, proper hydration, and proper nutrition.

If it’s within your budget, consult a professional dermatologist. Talk to them about your wedding date and your skin care goals before that date. They can recommend treatments that can help you get that picture-perfect skin.

Find out how much water you drink every day. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water each day can help clear up your blemishes, making your skin look more radiant. Fill up a couple of water bottles and keep them with you at all times. While you may find drinking this much water difficult at first, keep at it, as it will get easier overtime.


While most brides hire professional wedding make-up artists for their big day, you can also do your own wedding day make-up. If you take time to practice, you can be just as good as the professionals.

Even if you do hire a professional for your wedding make-up, you also need to look your best for the different pre-nuptial events. You also need to look your most beautiful for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, hen party, and pre-nuptial photo shoot.

At least a month before your first wedding-related event, go to a make-up store or counter and ask for a free makeover. If you like the results choose the products you need and buy them. If you don’t, visit a different store or counter, or try another cosmetic brand.

Think about your bridal look months before your wedding date to make sure you can be confident in your own skin. Revamp your skin care routine and learn to do your make-up so you can be the most radiant bride on your wedding day.