Birth Mothers: Gearing Up to Face the Adoption Process

adaptionWhile adoption agencies provide sufficient help for birth mothers, it shouldn’t make you complacent about your decisions. A thorough preparation goes a long way in ensuring a safe placement for your baby.

Select a Reputable Adoption Agency

You may be in need of assistance, but that doesn’t make it okay for you to downplay your rights as a mother. Do what you normally would if you were making a purchase or selecting a service: review and inquire. This experience would make a big impact in your life and the life of your child; hence the importance of familiarizing yourself with the legalities as well as the expenses involved, particularly with financial assistance for pregnancy and similar things. You would also like to clarify with them the birth father’s legal responsibility and role in approving the adoption. Settling these concerns early allows you to have more peace of mind during the term of your pregnancy.

Remember that You Matter Too

In spite of whatever negative thoughts and emotions that afflict you, never forget that you matter. Adoption agencies should give you sufficient guidance and respect whatever decision you make. This involves issues regarding your communication with the adoptive family and your child. Most agencies present numerous options for you on what level of openness you want to have with them, if you want to establish any form of relationship. Otherwise, you also have the option of not disclosing your identity.

The selection of adoptive parents proves more crucial if you do want to disclose your identity and receive news of your baby. Once you sign the relinquishment consent under the correct circumstances – meaning you’ve been discharged from the hospital, were not coerced into signing it, or made to sign before giving birth – the adoptive family gains all legal power and may do as they please. Reflecting on what you want for the future and how the adoptive family contributes to that helps in making the right decisions.

While adoption agencies can and should guide you well through each stage of the adoption process, you need to know what you want and what rights you have to practice. The same goes for the birth father. After all, your decisions would shape the future of your child.