Becoming Your Own Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios is the winner of seven out of 12 Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature. It’s runner-up, Dreamworks, is not even close, with only two Oscars won. Virtually all Pixar films impressed critics and earned financial success worldwide. Cutting-edge animation and heart-warming stories are essential qualities of the brand since its inception. One of the undeniable factors for Pixar’s success is by having the industry’s best talents.

Pixar is a great example of a brand that stays on top of the business by having the best people. The company uses industry-standard techniques and spends a substantial budget for the production. Still, the company owes its success to the hands that draw timeless characters and the minds that think of classic original stories.

These talents are the lifeblood of the company. They are key assets that serve as the heart and soul of the creative process. If there’s anything you can get from Pixar’s achievement, it’s the value of retaining your best talents. This applies to all companies, and here’s why.

Minimise Attrition

Controlling the number of employees that leave your company means a lot. Apart from keeping your best-performing employees, it makes your company look good if your personnel choose to stay. It speaks about your good corporate culture and your effectiveness in running the business. These are a perfect ingredient in building positive brand image. A low attrition rate can also cut your costs in the long run, as you no longer need to spend a sizeable amount in training new people. With reward schemes, you can control attrition by recognising your top talents and putting more value to their hard work.

Protect Your Investment

Everything you spend to improve your business is an investment. You invest money for training your employees and improve the workplace for better productivity hoping you could gain profits in the future. Every single penny you spend would mean nothing if you can’t convince your employees to stay with your company.

One way to keep them happy under your roof is by showing your appreciation to them. Much like loyalty programs for your valued clients, results-driven reward programs can give your top talents a five-star status in the company and make them feel good about themselves.

It pays to be consistent in acknowledging the efforts of your top employees. Even if your company is stable and continues to earn good money, these are not enough to keep them from updating their résumé. Only by launching a fair and creative reward system can make your company the Pixar in your industry. To find ways to keep your talents inspired, click this.