Basic Tips on Keeping your Floors Spotlessly Clean

Woman cleaning the wooden floorCleanliness has always been a top priority for most people. Having a clean home to come home allows us to relax after a busy and hectic day at work.

Just like shampooing your hair, cleaning your floors, walls and other portions of your homes, they have specific chemicals and materials that you need to apply to ensure that it is spotlessly clean.

Here are some tips on cleaning your floors:

For tiles and natural stone floors

You do not want to see scratches on them, right? Try not to use cleaning tools with abrasives. You can just wash it off using diluted soap.

For wooden floors

Check first if your wood floors are surface-sealed, or penetrating oil-sealed. A penetrating oil-sealed wood floor has the presence of smudge when you run your fingers on it. If there is none, then it is surface-sealed.

You can still use diluted soap for surface-sealed wood floors. Use a broom, a vacuum or a dry mop for your penetrating oil-sealed wood floors.

For carpeted floors

Use the available vacuum cleaners you have in your homes for cleaning them. You may also opt to buy industrial vacuum cleaners if you want to.

For stains on your carpet, an online magazine suggested using a detergent solution and an absorbent cloth. Spray the solution on the absorbent fabric (not on the carpet). Dab the cloth on the spot where the stain is.

Once the stain has dissolved, you may use another clean cloth and dab it on the spot where the stain was.

If you are still unsure of these ways to clean your floor, you may want to visit the supermarket or hardware store and ask around on what cleaning technique is best for cleaning your floors. Remember, there are proven ways to clean most floors. You just need to do it the right way.