Avoid Shady Moving Companies: Watch Out for These Moving Fraud Red Flags

three men moving boxesWhile many factors would play a role when organizing and carrying out a house move, your chosen moving company will mostly define how smooth your move would be.

Colonial Van Lines warns about moving van lines or companies that are not dependable and competent.

Below are common red flags to watch out for to avoid moving frauds.

Vague and Shady Deal

If you spot an ad that promises rock-bottom prices but couldn’t find the moving company’s specific details, including business name, license, insurance information, and business address, among others, move on with your search. Make sure the mover provides specific information about the move. This should include written estimates for the entire move, additional services required, special requirements, potential obstacles, and other relevant details.

Advance and/or Huge Deposits

Fraudsters would always try to get unsuspecting people to put down an advance and/or large payments upfront for vague services. Do note, however, that depending on the mover, regular upfront deposits are usually only about 10% to 15% of your overall moving cost. The rest you can settle after completing your move.

Poor or Nonexistent Online Presence

If a moving company doesn’t have a professional website, online testimonials, and social media accounts, or they do but their online presence seems shady, stay away.

Super Discounted Rates

Avoid offers that are too good to be true, as they are most likely misleading or fraudulent.

Incomplete or Messy Paperwork

Every document your mover provides should be complete and have easy-to-read and understand language. Otherwise, request what’s missing and make sure you understand every single term and condition of your moving contract before signing it.

Customer Complaints

If you read a significant amount of complaints and issues against the mover, look for another one.

Now that you know what you should watch out for when searching for the right moving partner and trying to avoid moving fraud, you’d be better equipped to make more informed and better decisions. Remember the tips above, as they could mean the difference between an easy and smooth relocation and a moving nightmare.