Are the CompTIA Certification Exams Still Worth Taking?

taking an examMany people take the CompTIA certification exams every year, hoping to pass and get their certification. However, are these tests still worth taking and passing even if they’ve been around for decades? The answer is an absolute yes, especially if you have the following goals in mind.

Foundational Knowledge

Even if you’re not going to work right after taking and passing a CompTIA exam, the information that you can get from the experience can be helpful if you’re generally interested in computers. IT certification experts at CertBlaster know that just taking an A+ certification practice test can do wonders for your basic knowledge of how IT jobs and certifications work. What’s more, you can increase the chance of acquiring a viable and profitable IT accreditation while you’re expanding your knowledge.

Easier Job Entry

While not all employers require CompTIA certifications for their entry-level IT positions, it does help open doors for many more jobs when you include your certification in your resume. Getting accreditation can also raise companies’ general trust in you as they can see that you’ve worked hard to train for your chosen specialization and obtain proof of qualification. Also, higher initial trust can make it easier for you to get into any IT-related business. It can also be profitable if you plan to open your own computer or technology company.

Clear Career Direction

CompTIA exams are organized into several specializations, and these can help you acquire a goal for yourself and your IT career. While entry-level jobs don’t necessarily require certification, the ones in the higher level most certainly do. If you want to move forward in your IT career, you might as well take and pass the applicable tests.

As you can see, studying for, taking, and passing the CompTIA exams can be worth it with the right reasons. However, most of what you’ll learn while preparing for is head knowledge. It’s still best to complement these facts with hands-on learning and practical experience. Remember, your career can begin with the right CompTIA test, but it certainly should not end there.