All Set: Setting Techniques for Engagement Rings

The ring setting is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring. The setting defines the look of the ring and displays the stone at its best angle. Here are the most common setting techniques for engagement rings.

Channel setting

This type of setting is primarily used for wedding bands or to emphasize larger stones on an engagement ring. In channel setting, the stones are set flush between two strips of metal that hold them in place side by side. It is moderately more expensive compared to other settings and requires smaller and multiple stones.

pronged engagement ringProng Setting

Prong setting is a popular choice for engagement rings, as it emphasizes brilliance of a loose diamond. In this setting, the diamond or stone is securely held in place while allowing a great deal of light to enter the stone. To amplify this effect, the stone is mounted above the shank to give it a more important appearance.

Pavé setting

This setting consists of a band covered with smaller stones, like a cobblestone pavement.  Stones are cobbled into the surface of the ring band with a combination of tapered holes or tiny prongs holding the stones in place. As it uses plenty of diamonds, it provides plenty of sparkle, brilliance, and fire.

Bezel setting

A bezel setting refers to a metal setting that wraps around the stone for extra protection. Depending on the style of the ring, it can wrap all the way around or partially surround the stone. This setting is ideal for protecting the girdle and often makes the stone seem larger.

Cluster setting

A cluster setting groups or sets several gemstones close together at several levels. The stones can be arranged in the form of a stylized flower and abstract arrangement.

Bar setting

This setting uses a thin U- or V-shaped metal piece to secure the stones in place on two sides. When the setting uses a series of stones next to each other, you will see a narrow bar between each stone.

Create the most wonderful engagement ring for your loved one by choosing the best ring setting. Make sure to purchase stones from jewelry stores offering loose diamonds with GIA certification.