All About Strapping: Materials to Choose From

Man ordering strapping materials online When ordering online, your product arrives well-packaged and sealed to prevent damage. Doing so on a small item, say cosmetic goods or clothing, is easy. But with bulk orders, one would need more than just bubble wraps and tapes.

Strapping tool kits are common materials used to transport heavy and bulky orders through shipping or air. These kits are used to bind boxes and items together to prevent moving, damage, and theft. Over the years, companies have experimented using different materials to strap such items together. Below are some of the most common strapping materials you can choose from for your shipments.

Strapping Materials


Steel is the strongest and most durable strapping material. It is used when strength is necessary, and stretchability is not a priority. It is mostly used in sharp or hot products. While the strength and durability of steel straps are incomparable, the use of such materials is declining because it is expensive and cannot easily be recycled.


Polypropylene is lightweight, user-friendly and easy to recycle, making it the most cost-efficient and popular option. However, unlike steel straps, polypropylene is known to have low retained tension and has a potential to split. This material is a great choice for light to moderate shipments.


Nowadays, people turn to polyester for their strapping needs. This material is highly flexible and can handle heavy loads without easily breaking or losing tension. Polyester has relatively smooth edges and thus does not damage the product or injure people. The only downside is it is still not as strong as steel, but it can pretty much withstand most challenges.

There would surely be a strapping material for any of your strapping needs. All you have to do is conduct a bit of research to properly evaluate and choose which among these options is the best one for your needs.