A Step-By-Step Guide for Installing Rubber Mats

Rubber mat ready to be installedRubber mat installation projects are foolproof. Anyone with an average IQ could use DIY skills to install the mats irrespective of the dimensions of a room or space. Think of the set-up process as a puzzle where you simply need to interlock your mats to get them firm on the ground.

Begin by ensuring that your floors are sparkling clean and dry before installation begins, you will need to follow the steps below.

Assemble the Required Materials

You need enough mats to cover the desired area. You will also need to have a straight edge and a sharp knife. Having a rubber mallet could also make your installation process easier and with a finer finish. Once your four key materials are present, spread your mats loosely throughout your desired location.

Trim Edges and Connect the Tiles

You ought, to begin with the border tiles. Lay them neatly and get rid of any protrusions using your utility knife. The idea is for the side rubber tiles to flush with your walls. The straight edge should assist you in ensuring that the trimmed edges are straight.

Make sure that the central area of any tile is not cut at all costs. From this point, interlock the protrusions of the border tiles with the recesses of the second-row tiles. Repeat this step all through the room and do not trim the non-border mats.

Hummer the Tiles

It is perfectly normal for the rubber safety mats – a product offered by firms such as Mattek – not to lay flat on the floors immediately after installation. This is the point where the rubber mallet gets used. Gently smack the interlocked recesses. Rubber is elastic thus this process should be easy.

It should also play a role in ensuring that your newly installed floors are firm.

The most challenging part will be trimming the protrusions of the border tiles. The rest of the project will mainly involve piecing up a puzzle.  This is most likely something you mastered to do as a child. You may end up surprised by how interesting using DIY skills can be.