4 Tips to Ensure there’s Safety in Your Farm This Year

Large farmOne of the most critical parts of farm management is to make sure that everyone on the farm stays safe. In fact, failure to guarantee the safety of your employees and visitors could land you into serious trouble with the law, not to mention affect productivity and cost you money in medical and compensation claims. Here are four ways to make your farm a secure haven.

Invest in the appropriate farming equipment

When buying farm equipment, such as a harrow for sale, you want to make sure that you are not just getting the best bargain, but also the safest item. That means you want a piece with the necessary safety features. A tractor, for, instance, must come with the appropriate roll over protection structure. Purchase other safety supplies such as gloves, aprons, boots, eyewear, and so on to keep your workers safe while they’re performing their duties.

Talk to employees about safety issues

You’ll constantly have safety issues if you do not make your employees aware of the safety concerns in your farm. Make sure that everyone is properly qualified to handle machinery at the farm. Encourage them to report any potential hazards, and take measure to fix them promptly.

Take care of silos and field bins too

What is the condition of conveyor belts and augers in your storage facility? Fit guards to them to prevent clothing, hair or limbs from getting caught. Keep the facilities properly maintained to prevent structural wear that could endanger the safety of people in or around them. Ensure the ladders are in good shape too and insist that workers wear safety apparel when climbing them.

Store and handle chemicals safely

Keep a register of all hazardous substances on your farm. Provide safety data sheets for your employees that handle these chemicals. Ensure that all chemicals are properly labelled beforethey’re stored according to the directions of the manufacturer. Put in place procedures for handling chemicals and spills.

Keeping your farm safe can go a long way in ensuring that everything runs according to plan. It’s the surest way to boost your agricultural investment from season to season.