4 Things Tow Trucks Have That Regular Trucks Don’t

Truck LED LightingHave you ever wondered how tow trucks are able to pull all that weight? Or if you can buy a regular 4×4 vehicle and call it a tow truck? There are different kinds of tow trucks depending on what it is they’ll be towing and the distance they’ll be towing it for. And you can’t just use any vehicle for towing.

Besides tow trucks having LED light bars, there are still a lot of major differences between regular trucks and tow trucks that you’ll need to know if you plan to buy one or just want to feed your curiosity. Here are the four things that make a truck what it is.

Its cooling system is hardcore

When you’re driving a car uphill, turning off your air conditioning can help your engine pull you up faster. That’s why tow trucks have heavy-duty cooling systems. It not only keeps the truck cool during heavy jobs. It increases its towing capacity by making the engine work harder.

Its brakes are tougher

Brakes are crucial for the safety of any vehicle. And the bigger a vehicle is, the tougher its brakes should be. Though some tow trucks are not that big, adding the size of whatever it is towing makes it big. Tow trucks have special brakes meant to withstand the force of stopping thousands of pounds of vehicles.

It has higher horsepower

The stronger you are, the heavier your lifting capacity is. Same goes for vehicles. Tow trucks have a high horsepower compared with other vehicles for the sole purpose of hauling big and heavy objects.

They have more gears

Higher horsepower has to be matched by higher gears. And tow trucks are already heavy themselves. The additional gears it has enables it to pull the extra weight of its load.

Tow trucks are special vehicles that aren’t for the faint-hearted. It’s best that you know its parts and features and how they all work together to perform the big tasks they were built for.