4 Problems Users of Industrial Compressors Must Know

a big factoryAn air compressor plays a crucial role in a wide range of industries. However, this machine requires regular maintenance and monitoring to run smoothly. The moment it develops problems, this device can cause delays in production and consequent conflict with customers. Unless you are sure about what is wrong with the compressor, do not rush to buy a new one. Below are the common problems in industrial compressors.

Oil problem

The condition of the oil in the industrial compressor determines the level of performance. Insufficient oil in the equipment can lead to component damage. Users often forget to check oil level, so they end up suffering grievous consequences.

Low air pressure

Air pressure from the compressor to the usage point can encounter problems that lead to loss. For instance, heavy objects could block the hose. Air leakage is also a common issue. In case the hose is cleared of any problem related to air pressure, you might want to call a professional, as the issue could emanate from a mechanical malfunction.

Electrical malfunction

When the industrial compressor will not start, where do you check first? Often, this is an electrical issue. The breaker or fuse could have blown, or the compressor motor could be down. Part of the diagnosis is to try using the machine from a different power outlet. Call a professional electrician if you think the compressor needs further attention.

Excessive vibrations or noise

Excessive noise or vibrations from the compressor are not a normal occurrence. Any of the following anomalies can cause this problem:

· worn out foundation chocks,

· loose holding down bolts,

· rank case devoid of oil,

· minimised bumping clearance, and

· loose cooler, flywheel, clamps, belt or other accessories.

Extreme cases of these problems can cause injury, so observe caution if you notice any of them. Switch off the compressor immediately and plan for repair.

When your compressor is every working perfectly, and it suddenly stops, the encounter can be devastating. Often, however, you can easily identify the source of the problem and bring the machine back to life.