4 Pointers to Help Businesses Conserve Water | Perina Plumbing

WaterMany companies across Australia are realising the benefits of implementing more go-green policies. Given the numerous headlines about the depletion of resources, keeping an eye out on how these resources are consumed helps businesses in more ways than one. From lower expenses on utilities to better working environment, there are many possible rewards to adopting green measures.

Chief among the green policies being implemented across the nation is water conservation. It is easy to lose track of how much water your company consumes every day. Chances are you spend so much on water that is not used or just goes to waste. Luckily, there are ways to conserve water and ramp up your green policies:

Attend to plumbing issues immediately

Leaking pipes and blocked drains are more dangerous than they seem to be. Clogged drains and leaks can cause problems like mould infestation and flooding, which can paralyse your work operations. This is why PerinaPlumbing.com.au says Perth companies must unblock drains as soon as possible to eliminate the risks.

Harvest and recycle rainwater

Rainwater harvesting systems can be an effective solution for companies seeking to save water resources. Recycling rainwater is ideal for applications where non-potable water is needed. This helps you conserve water in your supply, and cuts utilities expenses.

Use pressure-reducing valves

If your office is in a high-rise building, make sure to use pressure-reducing valves. This is because sometimes the water pressure is too strong that it exceeds the required pressure for water to flow in your system sufficiently. Check with your building administrator and engineer about your office plumbing and pressure requirements, to be sure.

Educate your workforce

Lastly, your water conservation policies might just go to waste if your employees are not well aware of them. Train your workforce about saving water effectively and help them understand the benefits of it.

When it comes to water conservation, even the smallest effort can make a huge difference. Consider these pointers, and find more ways to save water in your business.