4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sealing Concrete

Concrete Sealing ConstructionWhen it comes to durability and toughness, one of the preferred options for home flooring is concrete. It could last for six years and even more when properly maintained. Sealing is one of the most important phases of concrete flooring maintenance because it provides protection against stains and scratches. Furthermore, sealing adds sheen and preserves the appearance of the floor.

While it is best to hire professionals to seal concrete, you can also go the DIY route. However, try to avoid these common mistakes when sealing concrete floors.

Using the wrong sealer

There are several types of concrete floor sealer products, including penetrating sealers, polyurethanes, acrylic, and epoxies. The one you choose should be compatible with your flooring or decorative treatment. Ask the sealer manufacturer for product details and compatibility to avoid unwanted side effects like blistering.

Coating the flooring unevenly

Most sealers only take about four hours to dry. You should apply the sealer evenly to allow all areas to dry at the same time. Additionally, you could not get a better protection by applying the sealer thickly. According to experts, you should coat the floor thinly and repeat the process after it dries.

Ignoring cracks and dirt before application

You should not try to speed up the process by ignoring cracks, dirt, and stains on your floor. Make sure the floor is spotless by using a floor brush and soapy water. Seal cracks with patching material and let them dry completely before you apply the sealer.

Wear protective gear

Sealers may contain strong chemicals, which can harm your skin. Use protective gear before you start the job. A mask may be worn as well to avoid inhaling harmful fumes, or it is best to go for water-based sealers for indoor applications.

While the task may seem to be just a walk in the park, you still have to remember these common mistakes of sealing concrete floors to avoid unwanted results. Sealing concrete flooring will provide years of protection when done properly.