4 Career Tracks that May Suit Your Strengths

Accountant hard at workWhether you are an incoming college freshman or a professional transitioning from their old job, building a career is a priority. The career you will build will serve as one of the pillars of your life. Through this, you will meet people, know a great deal about yourself, and develop whatever you have in your hand.

This is why choosing the right track matters a lot. If you are still at a loss about which career track to take, let this article be your compass. Below are some of the tracks that you may want to consider based on your strengths and personality:

Engineering and Related Sciences

If you are all about analysing structures and building systems, engineering may be right for you. Jobs in this track will let you use your numerical and analytical strengths. Applying theories to real-life situations will also be part of the job description.

Medical Sciences

If you have a passion for biological science and for helping people, you may want to consider becoming a nurse, a doctor, or an orderly. Jobs under this career track will let you make the most of your social skills while ensuring that your technical know-how on medical science is well applied.


Love analysing facts and figures? You may want to become an accountant or auditor. What makes this track popular is the fact that jobs are easy to find. In fact, Barden says that accountancy recruitment agencies in Dublin that are willing to help you improve your skills in numbers and analysis.

The Arts

Have a thing for expressing yourself? The arts may be just for you. Contrary to popular opinion, there are many jobs to choose from under this career track. You can be a painter, a novelist, a copywriter, a photographer, or a teacher — the possibilities are endless.

Choosing a career track is the starting point of a meaningful life, knowing that your skills are used and that you are happy with what you are doing. You may want to seek advice from career counsellors or your placement office at school.