3 Tips on Putting Shortage Problems in Your Warehouse Behind You

Interior of WarehouseRunning out of space in your warehouse indicates two things. First, it shows that your business is growing — and that is a good thing. Second, it indicates that you need to take action fast.

In business, failing to take the right step at the right time could come back to haunt you. But what do you do when building a larger warehouse is out of the question at the moment? Here are three suggestions.

1. Rethink your shelving

Your shelving system plays a significant role in determining how much inventory you can handle, so naturally, it is the first thing you look at when space starts running out.

You want a shelving system that makes the most of your warehouse. You could opt for longspan shelving, which is not only cost-effective and customisable but also easy to access.

2. Lessen on-hand inventory

By now, you know your warehouse operations well enough to accurately forecast what inventory to expect, and therefore reduce the stock on hand to create more space for it.

But when you have no control over the level of the inventory, then consider other options as trailer storage, or keeping the inventory outside for a while, if there isn’t any risk for cargo theft or temperature challenges.

3. Consider a mezzanine

Some warehouses have found an efficient storage solution by adding mezzanines in their warehouses. A mezzanine is installed between the floor and the ceiling and serves as an excellent platform to store inventory, smaller items in particular.

Mezzanines are also quite useful when it comes to box erection and custom packaging, as well as preparation of merchandise for shipping.

Ultimately, you will need to look for a more permanent storage solution, such as building a big enough warehouse for your growing company. But in the meantime, coming up with smart storage solutions can give you some breathing space as you wait.