3 Signs You’re Under Malware Attack

You’re working late at night for an upcoming company presentation but all of a sudden, your computer starts rebooting and slowing down. Cables are fine, the RAM is in place, and the disk is working properly. As soon as your desktop icons show, unknown popups start to come out and hides some of your documents.

Welcome to the world of malware. Those third party applications you recently downloaded or the emails-from-the-unknown you opened are often the main culprit behind these attacks. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the signs that will help you determine if your unit is already full of malware.

Slow startups

You can clearly tell there’s something wrong with your PC if it’s starting up slowly. Think of the usual startup time then compare it to what’s happening now with your unit. If it seems much slower than before, then downloading free antimalware will determine if you’re under malware attack.

The OS keeps crashing

The first crash is okay, but the second and third OS crash within an hour is not normal. If all your hardware parts are running normal, then this is definitely a malware attack that needs immediate attention.

Missing or hidden files

A malware, especially if it starts to multiply, can hide or remove even your password-protected documents. You can unhide the files through the ‘Folder Options’ but the malware will just continue to hide or remove the files if you don’t stop them. Depending on the impact, you may just need to download free antimalware software or reformat the whole system to get rid it.

From slowing down the computer to hiding crucial documents, malware can bring huge headaches if not addressed right away. When you notice that your computer behaves in an unusual way, do your unit a favor and get rid of that malware right away.