3 Reasons You Should Pay Your Bills Online

Tech giant Apple released more than just the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during its latest press conference, the California-based company also rolled out Apple Pay – their answer to the online payment system, Google Wallet. While not necessarily new, the technology did bring to light (once more) the idea of using the Internet and your mobile device as a payment channel.

bills paymentTruth be told, such technology has been in existent for years now. Banks, eCommerce sites, and multinational companies already use online payment systems for all their transactions.

Not everyone uses the technology, though. Some say it’s still in the works and unsafe, while others simply don’t see the point of such a system. But in all honesty, there are three reasons that should compel you to pay your bills online now.


The primary reason is, of course, for convenience. Instead of falling in line or heading to the nearby ATM, all you have to do is access the payment portal through your laptop, phone, or tablet. Once you log in, you can easily pay whatever bill there is under your name. Moreover, you take the burden (slightly) away from your debit card, as online payment systems allow the use of credit cards.


A primer from eco Payz highlights how today’s online payment systems consolidate everything you need to settle into one platform. This is the second reason you should use such a system. Instead of sorting through the dozens of mail, you can just file and record everything on the platform. With a few clicks and keystrokes, you can pay everything in full through one payment channel.


Chances are, you have heard – or maybe even joined – a group that advocates the preservation of the environment. Well, online payment systems actually work for your cause. Being an electronic, Internet-based platform, the system eliminates the need for printed receipts and bills. Minuscule as it may seem, such a practice goes a long way in helping the environment.

With advancements in data security and other fields, you can now transact over the Internet without worry. Put simply, it’s about time that people start using online payment systems more, because soon enough, it will be central in our daily financial transactions.